About Our Menu

We serve bar food inspired by Indian cuisine, unique and cooked up in a scratch kitchen by our Chef.  This means your food is always cooked to order, with the freshest ingredients.  For example, if you order a salad, all the vegetables will be prepared to order instead of getting limp or soggy in containers for multiple days.  Some items may seem foreign to first-timers, but our bartenders are always excited to recommend dishes and many of them are fused with traditional American cuisine to help foster an appreciation for the food of India!

The Tandoor

Tandoor cooking is considered one of the first instances of barbequing.  Traditionally, the Tandoor is a coal-fired clay oven that reaches temperatures of 500 degrees Celsius because of its cylindrical design.  While many dishes can be prepared using the Tandoor, we use ours to bake Naan (a flatbread) and roast kebabs of chicken, lamb, beef, vegetables, or sausage.  You can taste the flavor a well-maintained Tandoor imparts in many of our dishes: smoky with a little earthiness.


Samosas are fried dough pockets filled with either meat and/or vegetables.  We create ours with unique fillings such as chicken tinga, cheesesteak, scrambled eggs and bacon, turkey chili, yams, lamb, and pizza ingredients, to name a few.  They rotate out twice a week (or more!) in addition to our staple vegetarian samosas (filled with potatos, onion, and a blend of Indian spices).


Curry refers to a wide range of dishes originating anywhere from Chinese to Thai cuisine. Our house curry is an Indian themed cream sauce simmered for several hours with a blend of spices and vegetables.  We serve it with fries and raita, similar to the many pubs of England from which our concept of Indian curry is derived.


Raita is a yogurt based sauce made with cucumber, mint, and carrot.  It is in many ways a cousin of Tzatziki sauce.  Typically it is used to help cool and tone down the often spicy nature of Indian cuisine.  We use it as an accompaniment to many of our dishes as well as a topping for our several of our sandwiches.


Chutneys are a generic term for Indian sauces, much like salsa is a generic term for Mexican sauces.  They are often sweet (with a few savory or spicy chutneys) and used to add additional flavor to dishes.  While many are made from fruits such as tomato or mango or vegetables like onion or chili, we focus on the standard green chutney (made with mint and cilantro), apple-carrot chutney, and tamarind chutney.


Masala is defined as a mixture.  This encompasses sauces, dishes, soups, and sides.  One example is our masala sauce: a sweet, tangy tomato based sauced with just the right amount of heat.  Another example is the chicken tikka masala in our flagship Chicken Tikka Steak, as it is a mixture of chicken, onion, and peppers.

Vegetarian and Vegan Options

While our menu is constantly changing, we strive to ensure that at least half of our dishes offered are vegetarian with many of them also being vegan.  This is because much of Indian cuisine focuses on vegetarianism and trying to stray away from eating beef.  From salads to samosas, curries to sandwiches, you can count on always having a meat-free option.  This includes our Vegan, a patty made in house with chickpeas, carrots, onions, peas, a blend of Indian spices, and a rotating additional protein such as blackbeans or lentils.


Pickling and fermenting vegetables is believed to have originated 4,000 years ago in India.  We serve a multitude of house-made pickles in honor of this tradition, ranging from sauerkraut to onions and everything in between!  Whenever you are served one of our dishes (perhaps even our pickle platter), there’s a good chance you’ll have a house-pickled item accompanying it.

If you find a dish that you love and want to try preparing yourself, ask our Chef! He is always more than willing to share his recipes.  Want us to cater our food for your party or event? Our second floor bar is open for private groups.  Just contact us to see how we can help you out.